Lenovo ThinkPads Coming April 22

It appears that a new series of ThinkPads from Lenovo are about to be launched due to some cryptic marketing stuff received in the shape of the crossword puzzle above.

It is expected that the Lenovo ThinkPad L series will be announced that will replace the R series of laptops. As for model numbers Engadget believe that the L400 and L500 are specifically due that are sightlier more bulky than the T-label versions.

The puzzle above shows quite a bit of Green type material indicating that they will focus on being green in both terms of materials used and green in terms of power consumption.

You might have noticed 4 down on the puzzle referring to Earth Day that is to be held on April 22, hence the reason believed that Lenovo will launch on that day.

The full empty puzzle with clues can be found over here.

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