Lenovo Thinkpad W701 with USB 3.0 and 16GB of RAM

Lenovo have just announced their new Thinkpad X201 series of laptops that we just mentioned. We also hear that they have created some high-end laptops that come with USB 3.0 and 16GB of RAM. The new Lenovo Thinkpad W701 is the companies first Thinkpad to feature USB 3.0 and is capable of transferring date at up to 5GBps.

The laptop isn’t small as it packs in a lot of high-spec features that includes plenty of RAM at 16GB, a Quad-Core 2GHz Core i7 processor (on the top end of the range) and is capable of handling demanding visual editing.

The graphics card tops out at the Quadro FX 3800M that allows pro-level 3D rendering. Storage wise it has the option of either a harddrive with a 160GB capacity or an SSD with a 128GB capacity.

The Thinkpad W701ds model has a slide out 10 inch secondary display and has a palmrest tablet for photo editing. Each version has a primary 17 inch screen.

The standard Lenovo Thinkpad W701 has a starting price of $2,199 that gives you a quad 1.73GHz Core i7 processor and the Quadro FX2800M graphics chip. Of course, these specs can be increased as needed. The W701ds takes the price up to $3,799.

Although Electronista haven’t given release dates, we assume they will be the same as the X201 series and be launched in early March for the prices specified above. More pictures below.

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