Lenovo ThinkPad Mini 10 is WiMAX Equipped for FCC Visit

Lenovo submitted a WiMAX equipped Lenovo ThinkPad Mini 10 to the FCC for approval in late April.

The ThinkPad Mini 10 was first believed to be going to schools in New South Wales, and has now become a netbook being used as a testbed for Lenovo’s new WiMAX module.

The Mini 10 is a smaller version of the X100e that has a 10 inch screen rather than an 11.6 inch screen. It is expected that the antennae spotted are going in to all of Lenovo’s laptop collection which also includes the X100e. Of course when purchasing any model it will be an optional extra in most cases.

Pricing for the WiMAX kit is unknown at the moment although to 3G equip a current ThinkPad X100e it costs $150, so we suspect it will be similar, if not more than that.

Via: Engadget

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