Lenovo Lephone on Show at CES

Lenovo have created an Android OS based phone called Lephone. The Android operating system on the Lephone has been through a complete facelift and according to MobileCrunch the phone has hardly any of the original OS sticking out.

It is expected that the phone will run Android 2.0 when launched although Lenovo declined to comment on which version of Android would be in there.

The screen on the Lephone is very impressive at 3.7 inches with a nice resolution of 800 x 480. The screen is also OLED. There appears to be no physical buttons on the face of the phone with just volume buttons on the left and a programmable button on the right of the phone. The bottom area below the screen is touch-sensitive allowing for soft keys as well as gestures to be input.

The phone is completely re-skinned and uses a petal menu layout that you can scroll through contacts and then pick a petal to call, message or edit details. MobileCrunch do say that with a few contacts the system will work well but when you start to fill up your phone they are not convinced it will work as intended.

An area of the screen called Widget Space has also been created which is where you can put your weather, social networking and other widgets to get information on the home screen.

On to the technical side of things it has all the usual items you can expect in an Android or any other smart phone in that you get GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth. A Snapdragon processor powers the phone I guess at 1GHz although it’s not clear if the phone will utilize the full 1GHz availability. Other details on RAM and any other sort of storage were not provided.

Overall a decent looking phone although it will be good to test a review sample to see how the modified Android OS works as it can potentially make or break this phone. With it being Android though it makes me think that someone might root it and make a stock image available for the phone.

No launch date or pricing is known just yet.

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