Lenovo Android ThinkPad Shipping to Europe This Month

Lenovo will be launching the Lenovo ThinkPad in Europe this month. From September 10, Italy will have the tablet on sale. The ThinkPad first went on sale last month.

We also hear that Lenovo will be launching the ThinkPad in other countries across Europe although the exact details haven’t been announced just yet. As soon as we get those dates and the list of countries, we’ll post an update.

The tablet runs the Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system. The screen measures 10.1 inches and is capable of multi-touch and has 1280 x 800 pixels (it is also IPS). A dual-core processor powers the device.

The glass is provided by Corning and is Gorilla Glass making it extremely strong and more capable of avoiding being scratched. For battery life, we heard last month that it is capable of about 8 hours on a single charge.


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