Lenovo Android Tablet Revealed

We hear that Lenovo is also going to be making a tablet computer. The new style of tablet will of course follow along with what the iPad, HP Slate and others look like in that it will drop the old style keyboard and run a more appropriate operating system.

The Lenovo model has been code-named LePad and will run the Google [GOOG] Android operating system. Unfortunately there are no official pictures of what it will look like and we don’t know when the company plan on launching it either.

It is unclear also if the code-name of LePad will be used as the final product name. Names aside though, Lenovo need to act quickly as Apple [AAPL] are getting a huge headstart over all other companies who have yet made a worthy competitor.

We do hope to see something by Christmas, but considering how long the HP Slate is taking as well as many other tablets, we are just not convinced that Lenovo can get it out till next year.

Via: Coated

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