LEGO PS2 Memory Card Holder

LEGO PS2 Memory Card Holder

Keep your PS2 Memory card safe with LEGO

For a fun and simple project you might want to try build a LEGO Playstation 2 Memory card holder. If you have more then 1 memory card then you can just customise the holder to suit your needs. With it being built of LEGO it takes just seconds to allow for another memory card to squeeze in.

What the memory card holder needs

To build the memory card holder you need to get the following LEGO bricks…

* One 8×8 base plate
* Two 1×8 bricks
* One 2×6 brick
* Four 2×8 plates
* At least 1 PS2 memory card

Now that you have all the parts it really isnt hard to put them together and I doubt you will need to read the instructions on how to build it. But, if you are truly stuck then follow the link below for full detailed instructions with pictures on how to make the card holder.

The next task I give you is to create the pad holder, cable holder and CD rack from LEGO bricks!

Via: Wikihow


  1. Toy Knowledge says

    This is a big change from when I was a kid,

    I mean back in the day there was nothing like this,

    We just has the standard Rubix 🙂

  2. I agree 🙂 The first computer we got at home was the Sinclair ZX81. Speaking of Rubiks cube… I picked up a 4x4x4 one a few weeks back. I still only have 1 side finished.

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