Lego merged with Apple

apple-prototypesConcept gadgets tend to look cool because the designer doesn’t need to think “practical” when he designs the product. He just draws what he wants and then hopes that the technology will somehow squeeze in to make it work regardless of how far fetched it is. These concept creations actually merge Lego with Apple products to create some crazy looking items.

apple-prototypesThe first concept Lego creation is the LMac desktop that allows you to build it. This one isn’t far from the truth either as it allows you to go as retro as you want with the design.

The cool one I like is the tri-screen laptop that has the regular screen and then two fold out sections to make it in to a wider screen.

Overall a nice set of concept ideas and some I do hope to see soon.

Via: GizmoWatch Check out MacLife for more details.

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