Lego iPod Dock with Stormtrooper Security

Lego_iPod_DockLego rates as one of the coolest toys ever. The ability to quickly connect little bricks together based on anything you imagine is possible. The creator of this iPod dock clearly had some cool ideas while putting it together. Built from standard Lego bricks, it holds your iPod. Around the back of the device is a USB cable attached to an iPod dock connector which is fastened by glue in to a 4×2 Lego brick. Around the front of the dock a Stormtrooper and another Lego character guard the iPod to keep it save. On the side there appears to be a handle you wind which seems the guys are standing on something that moves although it’s not too clear.

Overall a cool little project which is made all from standard Lego.

Via: Flickr


  1. Jay, writer says

    Those lego blocks bring back a lot of good memories. I guess the creator wanted something of his or her own to hold his iPod. I’m sure it didn’t take the person very long to put this little dock together. Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of person who has the patience to even glue an iPod dock connector on it.

  2. I purchased a dock connector quite recently for my iPod and will be making my own dock someday soon. I was thinking of making a nice wooden one to match my lounge, but I may have to make a Lego one now, it looks ace! 🙂

  3. LegoGuru says

    This is pretty cool, I think I will have to have a go at making on of these.

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