Lego Green Army Men

In Toy Story we see a number of Green moulded plastic Army Men that are called in to Andy’s room to solve problems and get things moving in the right direction. The actual army men have been around for many years before (back to the 1950’s).

Lego have now got hold of the idea and created Lego Green Army Men that resemble the originals. The complete set comprises of 6 pieces with the cost being $11 for 4 Army Men, a Jeep and Stretcher.

There’s an important mission in Andy’s bedroom time to send in the green Army Men! Hopping along on their removable stands, these brave toy soldiers never leave a man behind. Good thing they’ve brought their Jeep, stretcher and all their equipment with them! Includes 4 minifigures.

* Includes 4 Army Men minifigures, jeep and stretcher
* Soldiers’ jeep equipped with spare tire
* Ages 6+
* Jeep measures over 3″ (8cm) long

Available from LEGO, via Like Cool

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