LEGO Felt Tip 110 Printer Actually Works

Check out this cool printer. It is built of LEGO and uses a felt tip pen to print on standard paper.

The kit cannot be purchased in a standard kit, ie, it’s not LEGO mindstorms controlling the system. Instead the creator managed to design, build and code it all from scratch using analog motor electronics along with sensors and a printer driver. The LEGO printer connects up to a Mac using a USB interface.

When using the printer it looks to work like a standard printer on a Mac in that when you instruct a document to be printed, you can select the LEGO Felt Tip 110 printer from the drop down menu.

Although it’s not superfine quality in high resolution, it actually does work quite impressively. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Via: BoingBoing


  1. where can I buy this printer

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