Lego Computer running Kubuntu Linux

Lego PC
The Lego computer was made from an old Dell Dimension 2400 which was laying around Jeremy Duenas’ house. He decided to strip it down and build it back up in a case made of Lego. The Lego PC runs Kubuntu Linux (due to him not wanting the XP Pro overheating the plastic Lego bricks). The idea is excellent and very unique. I like how there is a bridge in there and a Lego man sitting in a control centre. Top marks for effort there!!

28 more images of the Lego PC can be found over at Jeremys Blog.


  1. Hello Joshua,
    I just tested the link and managed to load up the original article with out a problem. Are you able to get to it now?


  2. Joshua Johnson says

    Yup, takes me there just fine!!


  3. I hadn’t expected so much exposure for the Lego computer. wow. I think eventually when I get some more money and legos, I’ll work on a slimmer version of the lego computer.

  4. Josh Johnson says

    I’d love to see a Lego Laptop (and not just for the alliteration). That would be slimmer, right? Not to mention much more eye catching than the black boxes everyone else (except, perhaps apple) has.

  5. well once I get my hands on some more legos, I’ve got an old (it ran Windows ME) laptop that I’ll try that with. Not so sure It’ll be a laptop, but I’ll use laptop parts to make it smaller.

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