LEGO awesome machine is Amazing

The screenshot below is of the LEGO awesome machine. It isn’t clear if that’s the name of the device or if the creator is just referring to it as an awesome machine that is made of LEGO. Either way, it is awesome.

A lot of questions on the Youtube video (embedded below) ask what the point is. Well, there is no point but it doesn’t stop me from watching it all the way through. There are lots of pointless parts in the video such as the LEGO separating the different types of balls and then mixing them back up again. Some say that it pointless but why not when it can be done.

Take a look to see it in action. Unfortunately, nothing is really said in the video about who it was made by, why it was made and how it was made. We also don’t get to see the whole setup which is disappointing. We are not sure how big the whole set is, but it will cover several rooms of a small house from the looks of it.


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