Leaked iPhone 5 Shot Reveals Apple A5 Processor

Some images leaked today reveal (perhaps confirm) that the iPhone 5 could have an Apple A5 processor. The shot doesn’t clarify which iPhone will get the chip as we’ve heard that both an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4plus could be made, but either way if the picture is real it does confirm a few things about the processor.

One thing that is a bit sketchy about the processor is that the A5 printed on the chip looks a little rough around the edges although we could be looking at some prototype hardware here.

The battery seen in the screenshot above also says 430mAh on it which we assume is 1430mAh as part of the numbering is cut off the edge of the picture.

Expect the iPhone 5 to be announced in the next week or two with a launch within the first two weeks of October (as rumours have hinted at).

Source Via: PhoneArena

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