Leaked Images Reveal the HTC Radiant LTE Windows Phone (AT&T)

The image below shows a device that is believed to be the HTC Radiant. The device works on LTE networks and is believed to be headed to AT&T eventually.

The HTC Radiant name was first spotted about 8 months ago (April 2011) and at the time it was believed to be one of three devices that would launch on AT&T. The OS running on the phone is Windows Phone and we could be seeing it at CES in the next few days.

Although it looks similar to the Titan, there are some subtle differences that indicate the device will have higher specifications. One of the differences on the front of the device is what looks to be a larger front facing camera lens. On the back is a dual-LED flash.

Technical specs are only rumoured (of course) at the moment. It is believed to have a 1.5GHz CPU along with 512MB RAM. The device is believed to have a WVGA screen the same size as the Titans. That screen measures 4.7 inches.


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