Layar 3.0 brings more Layers to Augmented Reality

abbey-road-realityAugmented Reality is a way of overlaying information on a computer screen on top of real time images. A company in Amsterdam have just released the latest version of Layar called Layar 3.0 that ads more data on to real-world images giving a unique experience when using the software.

The software has already been released for Android 1.5 and 1.6 users with a version compatible with 2.0 coming soon. Also, the iPhone version has been created but is just awaiting approval from Apple which as soon as it gets clearance it will be available for download.

A number of new features allow 3D objects to be added in, for example a superimposed building could be layered on top of your camera view to see how a building under construction will look when finished. Other features include cut-outs of the Beatles in a number of locations such as Abbey Road in London. The same idea of cut-outs could be also used in tours of historical sites showing information about a particular area or object you are looking at. When you arrive at the particular object some audio could be played back with a description of what happened at that location.

parked_cars_masternaut_320Another one of the interesting ideas is integration with a Twitter app that shows who nearby you is currently using twitter and what their latest messages say.

Of course, it will take a long time to fill up databases to make it very useful, but for now you can still work with the data showing nearby shops, restaurants etc…

Available now at the Android Market Place. Via: TC

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