Latest Apple iPhone 3G S Firmware Jailbreaked

Apple-iPhone-3G-S-JailBreakIn the last few days we have seen a number of places mention that Apple have shipped a new iPhone 3G S that has the boot ROM finally fixed to block the 24kpwn exploit. Many people knew it wouldn’t be long before this was also hacked, and funnily enough, it has.

The new boot ROM doesn’t actually prevent the 24kpwn exploit from working, but instead just added an obstacle in the path that the hackers have now managed to get around. There is a downside though in that to boot your device the phone needs to be tethered to your computer. However, this will probably be sorted in a few weeks just like the iPod Touch with the similar issue was.

The whole cat and mouse game has been going on since the launch of the iPhone and as much as Apple [AAPL] want to get rid of the problems there are those around who are smart enough to just find another way in to the hardware. Apple are even trying to make it illegal to jailbreak although so far the jailbreakers just need to be careful not to copy any software and just provide the patches needed to break in.

Via: Giz and Wired

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