Laser Wall Pedestrian Crossing

laser-wallThe Laser Wall was designed as a concept gadget and has the primary aim of replacing the regular traffic light found at many crossings. The Laser Wall simply throws up a visible image right the way across the street (as pictures here) and lets road users know that they need to stop.

laser-wall-sideBy using a red laser beam it gives out the familiar “stop” colour that we are used to seeing. As well as creating a red wall it will also project images of people crossing the road too.

From a practicality point of view… will this actually work? Are red lasers good at lighting up thin air? or will some kind of smoke or fog particles be needed to reflect the laser from?

If they could get it working it would be great, but I just don’t quite see it being possible with out a lot of work just yet.

More Details Via: Wired


  1. Chaturvedinavin says

    how to create laser wall

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