Laser TV by Mitsubishi

mitsubishi laser TV

Mitsubishi Laser TV

The Laser TV caught my attention for a couple of reasons. The first is that it looks absolutely amazing, and the second reason is that it has Laser in the name. CES is 6 months away and the Mitsubishi Laser TV will be on display at this event which will be held in Las Vegas.

After getting over how good this TV looks you have to wonder what an actual Laser TV is. A laser TV promises deep and bright picture on a thin and lightweight screen. Also, a Laser TV is cheaper to make then plasma screens. Hopefull this lesser expense will be passed to the consumer!

When are they available

A few years back when laser TVs were first mentioned they were supposedly being made available in 2007. With Mitsubishi demoing at CES Jan 2008 we suspect that 2008 will be the year when we first see laser TVs become available. With the cheaper cost to make then plasma screens I do hope that this will bring larger, brighter and lighter TVs to the market for cheaper. We shall see next year.

Via: I4U

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