Laser Based Focus Free Portable Projector from Light Blue Optics

200299019-001Light Blue Optics, based near Cambridge in the UK, have created a new portable projector that uses laser as the light source. Using laser has a number of advantages over LED and bulb based projectors in that it can produce a higher quality images and also the video produced will always be in focus.

The first generation of these laser projectors have been built and these first models will be making their way to OEM’s by the end of this year which should mean we start seeing them become available first half of next year.

Another cool feature is that they have also worked on adding touch ability to the projector allowing you to tap the surface where the image is to scroll through photos. The 1st generation device currently measures about 30 cubic CM and a new 2nd gen laser projector is being designed which should be sized about 5cm3 which is about the size of a sugar cube. Having a device this small will allow for a far better quality projector to be embedded in to mobile devices such as mobile phones. The video below shows exactly what the device does. Check it out…

Via: Engadget

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