Largest GPS Drawing in the World

gps-drawingA GPS Generated self portrait has “fictionally” been made. It claims to be the largest GPS drawing in the world, and I can fully believe it as it covers the whole world.

Ok, sorry to disappoint already, but the work is just “fictional” and although completely possible, it would cost an arm and a leg to make it happen. However, I do like the idea as planning the logistics of the who thing would be quite cool.

The project claims to use DHL as a shipping company. DHL were sent specific instructions to ship a small package which contains several batteries and a GPS tracking unit. The shipment was to go to a number of destinations around the world all in a specific order. When the unit went back to it’s home in Sweden the co-ordinates it tracked were then downloaded and the route was put over a map and then… a self portrait.

Although fictional, I do find it entertaining and more details, including fake videos and fake consignment notes can be found over at Biggest Drawing in the World.

Via: LikeCool


  1. Who is the drawing of?

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