Laptop Cooler Supports USB and a HDD

cool-hddLaptop coolers are devices that sit under a laptop, have fans built in and provide cooling to the laptop. Generally there is nothing too special about them apart from this cool one. It supports a SATA HDD 2.5 inch slot on the back and a 3 port USB hub.

cool-hddTwo fans are built in to the underside of this cooling pad which provides a quick exit for the heat that you generally feel from under most laptops. If you have a bunch of USB devices to attach then the three extra USB ports come in handy here. Also the HDD slot is another nice addition allowing for a convenient way to extend the storage capabilities of your laptop.


* Slim and smart design of the cooling pad system with large
* High-performance and extra quiet 2 Fans built-in which absolutely helps to dissipate the heat-air away from underneath the notebook computer for cooling down the overall temperature of your system
* Extremely heavy-duty construction of the cooling pad to afford any weight or pressure put-on
* Power source supported easily by the plug-and-play USB connection as a self-power mode
* Convenient, reliable and comfortable of carry
* No need of any installation
* Compatible with any notebook computers
* Caution: 2.5³ HDD to be used in paralleled inserted
* Hard Drive capacity support up to 250G
* Fan Size: 70 x 70 x 70mm (approx.)
* Dimension: 300 x 252 x 32mm (approx.)
* Weight: 504g

The USB Notebook Cooling pad with the USB ports and HDD port is available for just $33 which isn’t a bad price at all to keep your laptop cool.


Product Page Via: Geek Alerts

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