LaCie Rugged Biometric Fingerprint Safe External Drive Announced

LaCie has created a new rugged portable storage hard drive that adds not only ruggedness on the outside, but increased data security. The new drive has a biometric fingerprint scanner built in. To access the data on the drive the user needs to swipe a finger. If the fingerprint matches, access is allowed. If not, the data stays encrypted.

The encryption used on the rugged hard drive is 128-bit AES hardware based encryption that uses the finger print reader to decrypt the data.

The physical side of things show that the drive uses a military grade shock proof enclosure to allow the unit to take a bit of a beating while still preserving the data safely. When we say it can take a beating, we mean it can be dropped or hit with something hard without compromising what is stored within.

The drive is bus powered via USB or Firewire. It can connect to both a PC or a Mac.

‘The LaCie Rugged Safe was developed to enable professional or private users to protect their valuable data and intellectual property from theft and unauthorised access, said Erwan Girard, LaCie Business Unit manager. ‘We’ve synthesised a range of technologies to ensure this device is the safest and most mobile storage solution a real vault for your data.

To protect the drive from knocks and scrapes the hard drive within is mounted on four independent shocks. Also a rubber bumper surrounds the drive.

The rugged LaCie drives come in two capacities of either 500Gb or 1TB which provides plenty of storage while on the move.

Price wise, the drives start at £169.

Via: Zath and Geeky Gadgets

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