Korea to get a 5G Network

korea-5gIn the UK we have been using 3G networks for several years and 4G (or 4th generation) networks are still a good 3 or 4 years away with a planned release date of 2012 – 2015.4th Gen networks will again, require a complete change of hardware across the country as well as a bunch of new phones. From Wikipedia we find that 4th Gen networks are described as…

4G will be a fully IP-based integrated system. This will be achieved after wired and wireless technologies converge and will be capable of providing between 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s speeds both indoors and outdoors, with premium quality and high security. 4G will offer all types of services at an affordable cost

Not bad eh! But hang on a second… Korea have just announced that they are planning 5G (fifth generation) mobile services over that way and those services should start coming online in 2012 also. I cannot find much on what fifth gen networks hope to accomplish although from the bits and pieces I did find it seems like data will be key with this network by allowing full movies in high resolutions to be downloaded. Also shopping in music stores and game stores could see someone just see something they like and have it downloaded to their phone in seconds. Also a smoother transition between Wi-fi and 5G could be planned although it makes you wonder if Wi-Fi would be even needed in those times. I also wonder if we will actually need to discuss data transfer speeds when we reach 5G as they could be so high that it wouldn’t be an important factor to worry about any more.

What ever Korea are planning with 5G we can all get excited that we will see it this side of the world in 2020 🙂 by which time Korea will have something else even cooler then that.

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  1. Electronic Gadgets says

    Oh Yeah – well we’re working on putting together 11thG networks with gadgets so secret you won’t even be able to see them when they’re working. But don’t tell anyone else.

  2. LOL Gadgeta! Maybe 11G networks will be all thought based. That could get weird and interesting 🙂

  3. Of course a 5G handset will consume its entire battery in mere seconds.

  4. Good point Anon. That’s with todays battery technology though. My first 3G phone came with 2 batteries as standard. I had never seen a phone at that point come with 2 batteries supplied. The battery died with in 12 – 16 hours if I remember correctly.

    By 5G times they should have something better. I doubt any phones will be made available till battery times last at least 18 hours

  5. what? my comcast fiber optic network can even hardly deliver 0.9 mb of download data and 0.3 mb upload in pleasant hill, ca. and these 4G and 5G will be running on 100 mb speeds and beyond? that’s incredible! it will leave wired fiber cable networks like comcast high tech fiber optic a jurassic system.

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