Kohjinsha DX Dual Screen Netbook Unboxed

Dual-Screen-NetbookThe guys over at wow-pow.com managed to get hold of a Kohjinsha DX dual screen netbook for review. The full review hasn’t been completed yet although they say it will be ready in the next 24 hours or so. For now, they just go through a quick unboxing and then give a demo of how the dual screen opens up.

When opened the screens lay flush with each other giving a continuous smooth surface to work with. Also the screen is attached like a tablet PC and can be rotated around and folded back although neither of the two screens are touchscreen. For controlling the DX in tablet mode a couple of mouse buttons have been included on the edge of the screen along with an optical mouse and finger print reader.

The keyboard on the DX was reported as being nice. It comes supplied with a Japanese keyboard although English letters are on the keyboard. Below the keyboard is a multitouch mouse pad and along the front you’ll find a volume control dial, headphone, microphone and a 3 in 1 card reader. Down the left side of the device are 2 USB ports, the vent, power connection and a radio switch to control Wifi and Bluetooth while on the right side you’ll find the power button, another USB port and a VGA output. A 1-seg external connector is also found on the right side of the DX along with a retractable aerial for the same 1-seg TV mode (available in Japan). Finally on the back corner there is a gigibit LAN Ethernet connector allowing fast wired connections if needed.

Expect a full review soon from WOW-Pow.

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