Kodak 100 Year Photo Ink

Kodak Ink
Kodak is launching an ink cartridge that will allow photographs to be archived for 100 years. Apparantly standard ink jet cartridges will start to fade and go bad after 15 years. Also to add to this, the ink costs half the price at $9.99 for Black and $14.99 for colour. These prices are compared to competitors prices such as HP, Epson etc… The Kodak printers that these cartridges are for are capable of printing 22 photos per minute. s have said good things so far. We do not know yet the quality of the print, but we can hope that Kodak wouldnt release a product with bold claims and then mess it up with bad quality images. Maybe I best print some pics now and then report back in 100 years to let you all know how they looked.

Via: Gizmodo

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