Two Kinects Connected For Even Better 3D

Back in the middle of November we posted details of a project built by Youtube user okreylos. The first video use a Microsoft Kinect connected up to a computer that could read the video stream from the camera as well as depth details. Those details could then be made in to a real-time 3D model that could be rotated around. The main problem with using just the 1 Kinect was that the back of the model was not there.

This latest project from the same guy now puts two Kinects together so that more of the scene can be captured in to a 3D model. The results, although not the best visual quality, actually work very well with three sides of a box now being tracked.

What’s next on the project? Perhaps a 3rd camera to capture the back of the scene? I expect we’ll find out more in the next few days or weeks to see if this happens.

Check out the original post here and then the video below to see the new version of it in action.

Via: Engadget

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