Kinect Optical Camouflage Hack

The Kinect for Xbox has been hacked to make you invisible. The effect allows you to use the Kinect to make you invisible as you walk past it in a way similar to what looks like the Predator on the movie from the late 1980’s.

The invisibility hack was created by Takayuki Fukatsu and uses OpenFrameworks, open source C++ tool kit and a Microsoft Kinect.

Instructions on how it was made are not available but we assume a picture of the background is captured and then when you walk past, it detects your body and replaces you with a transparent layer with some rendering so you are not 100% invisible.

More hacks will continue to arrive, so keep an eye out and we’ll mention them all. To see this particular effect in play, check out the embedded video below.

Via: Neowin

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