Kinect Hacked to Let you Control Windows 7

The Microsoft [MSFT] Kinect has certainly been good for hacking and making it do things that Microsoft didn’t originally plan for it to do.

Next up on the growing list comes from folk at the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group who managed to use the Kinect and allow a person to control Microsoft Windows 7 by waving their hand about in front of the screen.

The system uses just the Kinect with some other open source software and a clever bit of software that can detect your hand opening and closing as well as detecting it swiping to the left and right to skip through windows.

Two videos demonstrate this below. The first of the two videos shows the system described above. The one below that shows a new system created by Evoluce that allows for two people to stand in front of a screen and each manipulate pictures on the screen. Overall, quite impressive and perhaps in the future this could be used in a number of applications around the home, one of which could allow the TV remote to be dumped.

Via: Engadget

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