Kindle and iPad Screens Compared Under Microscope

Keith over at Bit101 got his hands on a USB microscope. After realising that holding it to a Nexus One, he could see the individual pixels, he decided to test what the Amazon Kindle screen looks like compared to the iPad screen.

This isn’t a scientific experiment to prove that one screen is better than another. Images were just captured out of curiosity to see what the two screens look like when compared to each other as well as a comparison to a printed newspaper.

As can be seen in the comparison up above, close up the screens are very different. The Kindle used isn’t the latest gen model as that hasn’t shipped just yet. Keith has one on order ready to capture when it does arrive though. He also says he would like to test the new Kindle and a Retina Display on an iPhone 4 to see what the difference is there.

Although nothing is proved with the post, it’s still interesting to see what goes on with the screens we spend hours looking at some days.

More images and samples can be found at Bit 101. Remember that these are not comparisons in that Keith is trying to find the best product. He simply just captured a few close ups of two screens to look at the differences.

Via: Crunch Gear

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