Kindle iPad and iPhone Update Brings Dictionary, Wikipedia and Google

Amazon has released an update for iOS based devices running the Kindle software. The new update brings a full dictionary, Google search and Wikipedia search to eBooks.

To access the services you simply need to tap and hold on the word you want more information about. When doing so a box pops up at the bottom of the screen that shows a brief description of the word. If you want more details you can search a more comprehensive dictionary online as well as search Google and Wikipedia for the particular word.

When clicking on the full definition of the word link, you are taken to the new Oxford American Dictionary which is downloaded when you first search for a word on the app.

The new version of the Kindle software also lets you search the book for content which brings the free software inline with what Apple [AAPL] do with iBooks.

As well as this version running on the iPad, it is also available on the iPhone with all the same features.

Via: TechCrunch

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