Kindle Fire Source Code Released and Rooted

Amazon has followed the AOSP agreement and has released the source code for the Kindle Fire. By releasing the source code it lets developers and modders get a look in to how the Kindle Fire works. What it also means is that the modders will be able to make custom ROMs for the Kindle Fire.

To install custom ROMs the Kindle Fire needs rooting and as it turns out, this has actually happened earlier today. The device was successfully rooted by a developer on XDA Developers. To achieve it he used SuperOneClick 2.2 which man

According to one of the guys from the XDA Developers forum, he was able to root the Kindle Fire using SuperOneClick 2.2, which means it will be easy to install custom ROMs on the new Kindle Fire tablet. He did this by accessing ADB and when done he tested several One Clicks and found that 2.2 did the job.

So I was messing around with different one clicks since I got ADB going on my kindle fire and I was able to Successfully use SuperOneClick 2.2 to root my kindle fire!

Although we wont see much in the way of a custom ROM today, we expect that in the near future Amazon Kindle Fire owners will be able to install custom ROMs and make the changes they want and need to the new tablet device.

The source code for the Kindle Fire is available over here.

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