Kindle Fire Silk Browser Ported to Other Android Devices

Hackers have managed to extract the Silk browser from the Amazon Kindle Fire and port it over to various rooted Android devices. The Silk browser is Amazons attempt to speed up web browsing. It works by calculating some elements of a webpage server side which speeds up processing time. It also attempts to predict what links you will click on so that your next page will be already calculated and ready to download when you want to go to it.

To get the port working requires that you root your Android phone/tablet and then run at least CyanogenMod 7. Mileage will vary as some users managed to get it working such as Droid X and Motorola Atrix but unfortunately it doesn’t work on the Galaxy Nexus due to that running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although it’s hard to gauge what impact Silk will have on a different Android device, we still expect a number of people will be testing this out. Remember that performance will depend on what phone you are running and what modded version of Android you are running.

As with any messing with mods on an Android device we always recommend that you proceed with caution and do so at your own risk.

Instructions on how to run the port of Silk can be found over on the XDA Developer forums.


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