Kindle DX Gets Taken Apart

The Kindle DX is an ebook reader built and sold by Amazon. It has a 9.7 inch screen making it larger then the recently released Kindle 2. Other features include auto rotation and a 3G wireless connection which allows you to download eBooks from the Amazon store while on the move. With it having a larger screen it’s easier to read then the original although it is obviously a little larger.

The Kindle DX started shipping just a few days ago over at Amazon and someone has already taken one apart to show the innards to the world.

The tear down of the DX shows that it’s actually quite service friendly as it has a number of replaceable parts. To get inside just a number of screws needed to be removed and then a plastic bezel needed unclipping. Inside there is a 3.7V lithium polymer batter which has a rating of 1530mAh.

If you have a need to take apart your own Amazon Kindle DX then make sure you follow the simple instructions found over at Rapid Repair. I am sure the taking apart of it will be easy… it’s just getting it back together where you will need to read the instructions.

Via: Wired


  1. Kev - LG says

    Have they spotted anything that might be holding up it’s UK launch yet?

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