Kindle Cloud Reader from Amazon Arrives on Firefox

Amazon Kindle users can now access purchased books from the Firefox browser. Amazon has just released a new version of the Kindle Cloud Reader that is compatible with the said browser. Like other versions of the Kindle Cloud Reader, Amazon allows Firefox users to also download all content and put it in an offline mode for use when travelling.

When connected online all bookmarks will be synced as well as notes, last page read and highlights. Basically, anything you have on your Kindle reader will be seen on the browser. Of course, we should mention that you don’t necessarily need to own an Amazon Kindle device to read with the Cloud Reader. Your Amazon account gives the ability to download eBooks to your account which can then be read from various devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac as well as the actual Kindle device (and now Cloud Reader).

“Customer response to Kindle Cloud Reader has been overwhelmingly positive,” – “Instant access to your books in the browser, combined with a beautifully designed and feature rich HTML5 application experience, has made Kindle Cloud Reader the best launch we’ve ever had for a Kindle app. We’re excited to further extend our ‘Buy Once, Read Everywhere’ mission and give Mozilla Firefox users access to the largest selection of the most popular books, all without leaving their web browser.”

Browsers supported by Kindle Cloud Reader includes Firefox, Chrome and Safari on iOS or the desktop. Amazon has come a long way with the Kindle and expects to make books even more accessible wherever you are.

Kindle Cloud Reader can be accessed from the mentioned browsers at the following link.


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