Kenwood USB Car Radio

Kenwood have introduced several new car radio’s which were launched at IFA 2006 in Germany. These new systems each come with a USB connector which allows many different types of MP3 player to plug directly in to the car stereo. The USB connection is also compatible with not just MP3 players, but mass media and other types of USB devices also.
Kenwood USB Car Radio

If the attached device contains a recognisable format then the radio will pick that up and the option to then play the file will be available. Files can be stored in MP3, AAC or WMA.

Two versions of this radio are available. A 1-DIN and 2-DIN. The 1-DIN models (numbers KDC-W534UA, KDC-W5534U, KDC-W6534U and KDC-W7534U) have a cable on the back of the player in which the device can be plugged in. The 2-DIN models (numbers DPX501U and DPX701U) both have the USB connector on the front panel.

The inbuilt software alows easy navigation of your music and is much similar to that on your PC. As well as USB there is also an optional feature which supports an Apple iPod.

No prices have been given yet.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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