Kensington Vo200 IP Phone

Kensington Vo200 IP Phone
Technology has revolutionised in many areas. VoIP phones have become more and more in demand as wireless technology has spread and become more accessible. A question asked by many is how VoIP can help those on the move while we have mobile phones that in essence do the same job. VoIP offers consumers what they are demanding from mobile phone networks, and that is cheap calls to and from anywhere across the globe and reliable networks. Although VoIP is not as fully accessible as a mobile network, this gap is quite quickly closing as more and more wireless hotspots appear. So in principle, the structure is already there and will soon provide complete coverage around the globe.

For the traveller, business man or those looking for a new gadget, the Kensington Vo200 IP Phone is one great choice. What sets this phone apart from the crowd is it’s small size and compatibility with several popular VoIP services. The phone it’s self is the size of a PCMCIA card which can stow away in the side of your laptop. In doing this you also charge the handset which on 1 full charge can see 3 hours of talk time and 30 hours of standby time. A warning LED also lets you know when you are down to 10% charge.

Other features of this phone include a built in speaker phone and echo cancellation. The phone is able to work with Skype, MSN, Yahoo and Google services, showing it’s ability to serve the consumer across highly popular mediums. The Kensington Vo200 BT VoIP phone costs $89.99 and is available at Kensington.

Via: OhGizmo

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