KDDI Redesign Samsung Galaxy Tab and Remove 3G

KDDI over in Japan is doing a hardware refresh on certain lines. One of the devices getting a hardware refresh is the yet to be released Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab on the KDDI network will look different in that it will have no branding from Samsung on it and 3G will be removed from the device.

As well as removing the branding and 3G aspects of the device, a few cosmetic changes will also be made to the hardware which includes the 4 buttons below the screen being rotated to align correctly when the device is held in landscape mode.

Other than that the hardware specs appear to be the same as the Galaxy Tab which includes the 1024 x 600 resolution, the 512MB of RAM and a microSD card slot for extra storage. A webcam is built in. Internal storage is dropped down to 4GB from 16GB though. A docking cradle, as pictured above, is included.

This particular model of the Tab wont be released until the middle of the first quarter 2011. Prices are unknown.

Via: Engadget

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