JooJoo Gets a Software Update

FusionGarage has provided a new update for the JooJoo tablet. The new update brings the JooJoo up to version 0.2.4.

New in version 0.2.4 is the ability for the JooJoo to remember passwords such as Twitter, Facebook and others. When previously logging in to a site, closing it down and re-opening it, you had to re enter your password. Now you don’t.

Also included is basic USB support and the ability to calibrate the screen.

The download is quite small and takes just a few minutes to get. Once installed the USB port becomes active allowing you to play 1080p content from a flash drive.

According to Engadget who tested the update, they said that full HD content played without a problem. Check out the video over on Engadget now to see a demo of full HD playback.

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