JooJoo 2 Landing in 2011

The JooJoo launched a few months ago in the first quarter of this year. Sales haven’t been as good as Fusion Garage expected although in Europe and Asia it is supposedly doing quite well.

On to the JooJoo 2. We now hear that a new model will be coming out sometime next year and will differ in that it will run a version of Google Android. The new tablet might come in a few different versions as the founder of Fusion Garage said they wanted multiple models out there, but also said that the original JooJoo would not be available when number 2 launches although it will be supported.

Android Market will be missing from the JooJoo 2 due to the company not complying to all the rules of integrating Android. Instead, they will work with a custom version and make a few unique features such as an email client that can unify messages from a number of sources.

We’ll see how it goes in round 2 for the JooJoo.

Via: Gizmodo

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