JooJoo 2 Could be Launched by Fusion Garage Soon

The last we heard from Fusion Garage was back in November last year. The report back then mentioned that Fusion Garage would be relaunching a new model of the JooJoo (the JooJoo 2 perhaps) in the first half of this year and that it would have more storage (16GB) and that it would be designed to work with business more by including built in apps for business users.

We also heard that the company was looking at different operating systems to use and would consider Windows and or Linux as options. The tablet is expected to be a similar size to the previous model and have a larger than average screen (12.6 inches).

What brings this news up again is that the new model just hit the FCC with the label and some details in the image below. We don’t know when it will launch, but it does seem that Fusion Garage are preparing to launch a second generation model:

Will you be buying the new model when it launches, or has the disappointment of the 1st gen put you off from investigating more? With it being more customisable, it could be a great option if they get all the hardware right and fast enough so it performs well.


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