John’s Phone Keeps it Simple

John’s Phone is a simple mobile phone that strips out all the features other than phone calls and 10 pre-set numbers.

The phone is described as doing the following…

John’s Phone is the world’s simplest cell phone: you call, you hang up, and that’s it. John’s Phone is easy to use wherever you go.

Rather than having contacts stored in the phone, the John’s phone comes supplied with an address book and pen that are stored under a flap in the back of the device. It does have a screen to let you know what numbers you have typed and what number is calling, but with no address book at all, it doesn’t let you know the name of who is calling.

To put it simply, its pretty much as bog standard as it gets, but at the same time its the simplicity of it that makes it actually look quite good. For those who don’t want all the extra frills, this is for you.

Full details of the phone can be found over here.

Via: Walyou

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