Joby Gorillapod Video for Cameras and Camcorders Announced

Joby has announced the Gorillapod Video. This particular model is designed for small and light video cameras and cameras such as the Flip HD. The tripod works just like other Gorillapods in that it has the bendy/flexible legs. On top is the connection that allows for 360 degree smooth pan and a 135 degree tilt.

The feet on this model are also magnetic allowing it to connect easily up to metals. With the flexible legs, you can also attach it to a branch for example.

To connect a camera on top you can use the 1/4-20 universal screw that is pretty much a standard for tripods to connect to. Price wise, it is $29.95 and it’s actually available now over at Joby.

Via: Slippery Brick


  1. The pocket-sized readySTEADY is a far more versatile option than the gorillapod. It, too, is made from durable aluminum and sells for under $30 (with free shipping). Unlike the gorilla pod, though, it really will fit in your pocket — and it doesn’t require a stationary surface to work. It uses simple principles of physics to stabilize your camera.

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