JLr7 Wrist Watch

Another beauty from TokyoFlash has gone on sale. This time it’s the JLr7 abstract LED watch. For those of you who like something different then your average watch then you need to visit TokyoFlash and get something cool.

The JLr7 is a sleek GunMetal and black finished watch which has a unique read out. If you are new to TokyoFlash watches then you will not be suprised at how it looks. If you are new then pay attention. The JLr7 has a blue or green LED readout which is animated. It gets its name from the top row of LED’s which form the letters JLr7 and was made by e35 (Eri and Eiichi). When friends glance over at the watch it will seem like some random pattern of lights. However, to the trained eye it will be much more. It will be the actual time.

Between 6pm and Midnight the watch animates every 15 minutes to give an effect of it malfunctioning. Through the day it will sit nice and dark until you press a button to show the time. The LED’s are set in to sections of 12 for the hour, 3 for the quarter past, halfpast and quarter to and 14 lights for the times inbetween. 3 other lights show the seconds ticking.

To know which lights mean which, there are subtle lines dividing sections of the screen so you can more easily calculate the time.

The JLr7 watch is available for 40 pounds in the UK, but TokyoFlash will ship anywhere. Just be mindful of the import fee’s associated.

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