JLab H2O WAVE MP3 Headphones Review

JLab were awesome enough to send us their new, completely 100% waterproof, cordless H2O WAVE mp3 headphones. First thought out of the box is they look like they are going to be heavy at the ears. But before even loading music and just trying on for fit, they feel extremely light and well balanced. Impressed already, within 2 minutes these headphones are forcing me to change my initial perception. I can say without hesitation these are some of the most comfortable in-ear headsets I’ve ever worn.

Loading music could not be easier, simple drag and drop and you are ready to go. With 2GB you’re unlikely to run out of music, and 10hrs of play time supplied via built-in 190 mAh rechargeable lithium ion batteries you will most likely get through a weeks’ worth of workouts between recharges. I quickly find the ear buds that feel most comfortable from the seven buds provided (4 for wearing in the water & 3 for dry use) and with the touch of a button the music is flowing. As mentioned these headphones are super comfortable and even after the first hour there is no aching or irritation. I was pretty active the whole time wearing these and I didn’t find myself having to adjust the fit, they hold in place well and weighing in at just 3oz I could easily forget they were there.

I did use H2O WAVE in the shower and immerse in water and they still work, but I didn’t get a chance to go swimming in them.

Sound quality is crisp and clear, but I’m wishing there was a touch more bass and unfortunately there are no equalizer options available at this time. I loaded a good selection of music and obviously sound is going to be a personal choice but I found the preset equalizer was well suited to acoustic music and country, however listening to something a little heavier that I’d listen to while working out there was plenty of volume but the system just lacked a little depth. Would it be enough to stop me from buying these headphones? Not at all.

My next concern has been resolved with an upgrade already, and that is, out of the box there is no option to shuffle music, the play order is determined by the timestamp of when you load the music. Once you register your headset firmware updates are available with quick and easy operation. This brings me to another highlight of JLab, the customer service has been exceptional with prompt responses and personal attention to our concerns.


JLab have nailed the fit but there’s a little lacking in the function department but they are clearly working on these issues. Just a few more functions would make this headset the best on the market. As mentioned some sort of equalizer would have been good, even if there were just a few preset options. A Bluetooth option for connection to my smart phone would have been a major plus, giving me the option to play my own playlists, radio stations, pod casts, or whatever I’m in the mood for.

The H2O WAVE headphones are selling for $50 at JLab, and when lined up against similar priced mp3 players you’re just not going to find a better alternative, never mind a cordless option.

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