Japanese iOS 5 Users to Get Earthquake Warnings

When iOS 5 launches it appears that users in Japan will be able to get earthquake warnings pushed to their iPhone. The new option appeared in the iOS 5 beta version and allows notifications to be easily switched on or off.

The early warning system launched in 2007 and is capable of giving notice from a few seconds to a couple of minutes so that people can have a brief time to prepare for an earthquake. At the moment, iPhone users need to use a 3rd party app to get this information but when iOS 5 launches, it will be built in to the OS.

The early warning earthquake detection system gathers information from over 1000 seismographs placed around the country and when activity is detected a notification will be sent to iPhone users who have the option enabled.

We learn from 9to5Mac that the text in the image above is a warning about battery life as the notifications are constantly connected to the earth quake warning system.

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