IXOs Luxury HDMI Cables

Cables connecting devices may seem not so important, but when you compare quality side by side a good cable suddenly becomes very important. IXOs has introduced luxury HDMI cables which offer full-HD 1080p and range from just 1m to 11m in length. To get better quality images on the screen the connectors are silver plated which is the key to minimising losses in quality. With this cable there is not just 1 sheild protection, but a triple sheilding.

The combination of wire, connectors and sheilding give the best possible picture quality with the least possible loss. Costing from 109 pounds to 268 pounds you expect to be getting the quality you pay for.

Via: Gizmodo


  1. Dear Sirs,
    On an AV forum I asked what hdmi cables I should run. I was told cheapest as it is all 0’s n 1’s digital. Most of the advice came from very knowledgeable people about digital. I need to have 2.5 meter length. I was considering your higher quality cables but now feel foolish… What is your advice and why should I use higher quality over 5 – 10 pounds in cost. I am hooking blueray and htpc to toshiba 42z3030db.

    Thank you for your help in making the correct choice.

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