iTunes Cloud and Wireless Sync Could be Coming Soon

Apple [AAPL] could be bringing a new version of iTunes out soon that will bring a number of new features to the program. One of the new services will be iTunes Cloud that allows streaming music and movies from Apple to your computer and other devices as well as being able to stream from your own computer to other computers on the network.

The Cloud system will allow any device with wireless capability to stream audio and video. For example, you purchase a song on your computer at home… from what we understand you can simply log in to your iTunes account on your iPhone and stream that particular song to your phone. This will help cut down storage issues essentially giving you a full library of music to access whilst on the move.

Next up is wireless syncing for iTunes allowing your iPhone or iPad to sync up to iTunes over the air.

We also hear that a couple of new devices with cameras/camcorders built in will also be landing soon.

We hope to hear official announcements in the next few months about the services and new hardware.

Via: BGR


  1. coupling this with the recent news that some carriers are getting rid of unlimited download capacity, this can only mean that apple is playing into the hands of the carriers more by giving them a reason to charge more. while it’s a good idea in principle, it’s a costly one.

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