iTunes 8.2 Released in Preparation for iPhone 3

itunes_appleApple have launched iTunes 8.2 which now supports iPhone OS 3.0 and more then likely has been released in time for the rumoured announcement of the iPhone 3 that should be made official next week. Other then support for the new iPhone OS there isn’t that much else that’s new in the latest iTunes release.

The download is 85MB in size Rumoured Blu-Ray support is still missing in the 8.2 update.

Other than the support for the new iPhone software, which is expected to give developers much greater access to the smartphones feature set, there isn’t much new in iTunes 8.2. Apple said that it has enhances bounds checking to prevent a stack buffer overflow problem that could lead to software crashes or arbitrary code execution. Apple added that 8.2 also includes ‘many accessibility improvements¬Ě, but did not provide a more detailed description.

Download available over on the Apple site.

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