iTunes 10.2.1 Update Released

iTunes 10.2.1 has become available for the Mac in the last few hours. This update comes very shortly after the 10.2 update. Following the link to the knowledge base article provides no details as to why this update has been released, so we assume that Apple found a couple of bugs in preparation for the iOS 4.3 update that is due on March 11 (perhaps earlier).

The only information provided shows that the 10.2.1 update prepares iTunes to sync with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad when using iOS 4.3 although 10.2 also was released for this purpose.

Yesterday, rumors of iOS 4.3 being released early were mentioned in that it might have arrived yesterday. Those rumors could have just been bad information, but at the same time, Apple could have intended to release the update, but found last minute bugs within iTunes 10.2.

Now that the new iTunes is available, perhaps we will get the next version of iOS a little earlier.

To install the update, go to the Apple menu and click Check for Updates. Two are available with the other being Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 4 bringing it to version 1.0.

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